Out of Nowhere

Another England. Where Blink allows you to travel anywhere, instantly. Why commute, drive or fly when you can Blink? Seeing the world will never be the same again.

For Laura Harper, security specialist and ex-hacker, working for BlinkTech is more than just a job. Her mother and Blink’s inventor, the late great Doctor Ellen Wells, died making her miraculous invention a reality. With cyber terrorists and corporate rivals trying to steal BlinkTech’s precious secrets Laura is willing to use any means necessary to protect her mother’s legacy.

But not all is right in the shiny corridors of BlinkTech’s London HQ.

When a mysterious cyberattack scatters a trail of long-buried secrets, Laura, haunted by her own misdeeds, must risk everything to uncover the truth about the employer she’s broken all the rules to protect.

Part techno-thriller, part sci-fi, part adventure – Out of Nowhere is a genre-bending, darkly funny tale of corporate espionage, revolutionary science and poor career choices.

Publication date: TBC.